Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nepal's road-map for T20 Cricket World-cup

Nepal is one among the 16 nation to play qualifying game of T20 cricket. No doubt this is the biggest level in T20, that Nepal is going to participate. 6 nations will qualify for the world cup which is going to be organised in Bangladesh in 2014. Afghanistan, Ireland and Canada looks favorable for the final 6 position. The competition is going to be very tough for Nepal. Lack of experience plays a huge psychological role in the competition like T20. However, Nepal played well against various Indian Cricket club in India few days back.
In the qualifier competition the nations are divided into two groups like this;

The teams with in a group plays with each other in a league format and the teams standing top in each group will automatically qualify for world cup. Teams standing on the last three will eliminated from the race. Runner up from group A will face second runner up of group B and vice-versa. Both winner will qualify for world cup where as the losers will face winner of 4th A vs 5th B and 5th A vs 4th B and the winners of these match will qualify for the final 2 positions. Following diagram simplifies it;

Schedule of Nepal's Match
12th Nov.  Nepal vs UAE (warm up match)----- 6 GMT
13th Nov.  Nepal vs USA (warm up match)----  6 GMT
15th Nov.  Nepal vs Denmark-----------------   6  GMT
16th Nov.  Nepal vs Kenya-------------------   10 GMT
18th Nov.  Nepal vs Scotland----------------    10 GMT
19th Nov.  Nepal vs PNG--------------------    10 GMT
20th Nov.  Nepal vs Netherlands--------------- 10 GMT
22nd Nov. Nepal vs Afghanistan---------------   10 GMT
23rd Nov.  Nepal vs Bermuda-----------------   10 GMT

6 GMT = 11:45 NST
10 GMT= 3:45 NST

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