Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black (a poem); Ajaya Dhungana


This is a journey,
Which start from less than zero,
I can't say exactly,
Because I have no idea,
How to count that very number,
I know only,
It is less than zero,
But not negative,
It has minute value,
But the tendency to be maximum,
Where, I found my life,
Near by it,
Like it and,
Just on, above and ahead of it.
This is tremendous,
Dynamic and wonderful,
For other, not for me,

It shows many opportunities,
For other,
It directs a huge strength,
For other,
It shares many joys,
For other,
Actually it is optimistic,
For other in everything,
But I found nothing,
Neither any opportunity,
Nor a single smile of joy,
I got nothing,
Neither smile nor love,
Even the pain of sorrow,
Actually I have no value,
Like a throne stone on a seashore,
I calculate myself as a value of zero,
Because I have nothing,
Except the surrounding,
With the color black.

Ajaya Dhungana