Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upper mustang once again attract World's concentration.

One region in Nepal on the northern remote territory attached with Tibet is often regarded as a hidden paradise of the world. It's Upper Mustang, in Mustang district. This place was previously featured by Al-Jazeera television. It was almost two years ago, AlJazeera made and broadcast a 47 minute documentary about the life style of Upper Mustang in the title of A kingdom of the edge. They also had kept some stunning photographs of Upper Mustang in their website. We tried to blog on that at that time. Those articles can be found on this link and this link respectively.
This time London's famous Daily Mail  update a news on 27th of August with the headings "Mystery of the ancient kingdom discovered in Nepal where thousands of caves are carved 155ft off the ground." The key highlights of the news are

  • An estimated 10,000 of the caves have been found in the former Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal
  • They have either been dug into the cliffside or tunnelled from above
  • Caves are thousands of years old but who built them and why remains a mystery
Even though, National Geography disclose about it years ago. For more information and video go to this link.

On this post we tried to share you some of those wonderful photographs and video taken from Daily mail's website. 

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