Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trip to #SkandaVale #Llanpumsaint #Wales #UK #Photo and #Travel #Blog

Trip to Skanda Vale, Llanpumsaint, Wales, UK, Photo and Travel Blog
As soon as the vacation for Christmas start, we were ready for a short break trip. The destination was almost 400 km from city of London, where we resides. It was basically a hindu temple in the countryside of west Wales, named Skanda Vale. (More information can be found by clicking following link  )
The weather went adverse, it was windy and raining a lot, however, I didn't stop clicking my camera. Here are some of them 

Every journey starts from single step.

 Sheeps on the farm.

 A small station in Wales and don't get confused with that Welsh language.

 View from the train, feels like somewhere in Nepal.

 Swansea Football stadium, an english premier league club on the way.

 Beautiful lake on the freezing cold temperature.

 Absolute green, a view in Carmarthen, Wales.

River and the bridge in Carmarthen, unfortunately don't know the name.

Old gentleman on the street of Carmarthen.

Welsh flag in the middle on a small rugby stadium.

 Hungry cattle

 Finally, on the destination. Statue at Skanda Vale, feels like Budanilkantha of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Goddess (female god of Hinduism)
 Naked tree, oh! yes it's winter season

Waterfall seen from the surrounding from Skanda Vale.

Thank You.

Camera used: Nikon 5100
Photos by: Ajaya Dhungana 
Photos © with: Ajaya Dhungana
Photo of the river and bridge (8th one) by Mohan Khadka, © Mohan Khadka 

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