Monday, February 6, 2012

'Rogue Trader' A business/financial movie.

'Rogue Trader' A business/financial movie.

In 1992, a twenty-seven-year-old trader in the Singapore office of Barings Bank, Nick Leeson, lost over $1 billion of the firm’s money through transactions in futures contracts. Initially, Leeson had made large profits for the bank by dealing in derivatives and futures. After experiencing losses, however, he used an error account to disguise his bad trades. Because Leeson was involved in the settlement of his own trades, he was able to sustain this scheme until he left the firm in 1995. As a result of Leeson’s losses, Barings eventually was declared bankrupt and sold to the ING Group in £1.

The movie "Rogue Trader" is base on the book written by Nick Lesson, and is probably one of the best financial/business movie.
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