Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where are you? (a poem)


On the period of,
dark midnight,
when it was difficult to found,
a single drop of light,
at that time, I woke up. 

The stars on the sky,
were watching me,
they were far away,
so I neglect them,
on the dark midnight,
I woke up. 

The world of dream,
was trying to attract me,
I even neglect them,
I hardly came out of my room,
may be the whole world,
except me was asleep,
I don’t know,
what would their mind was thinking,
they might have even forgotten,
the evidence that they faced,
on the last day. 

At the period of dark midnight,
I woke up,
slowly, quietly and simply,
the things wasn’t extra,
the happening wasn’t exception,
because I thought everything normal,
there were the stars on the sky,
like the day before,
there was the moon on the sky,
as same as the month before.
On the dark midnight, 
the clock was,
showing innocently the same time,
as like as on the day. 

Fortunately some stars,
fall on the ground, 
unfortunately I can’t catch them,
but even everything was normal,
so the happening wasn’t exception,
quietly I pick up a daisy,
slowly I put it, 
in front of your picture, 
then I simply try to watch up,
rising the head up, 
up to the zenith,
in the galaxy, 
among the stars,
in the dark midnight, 
I tried to search you,
among the stars,
but where are you?

Ajaya Dhungana
April, 2005

(Previously published in on 21st Nov. 2010, click here for the previous one. Thank you)

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